Like Climbing a Mountain With a Hangover, Helping CIOs Enable Digital Evolution

images (18)More than 50 percent of the Fortune 500 from the year 2000 are gone, according to Capgemini, either bankrupt, acquired or simply wiped out of existence. Digital disruption is largely responsible for this shift, proving that a business’s approach to technology, or a failure to embrace and exploit it, has very real competitive consequences.

This has had a massive impact on the role of IT. Traditionally, ‘keeping the green lights on’ as cost-effectively as possible was the overarching mandate, with success measured by the lack of downtime. Today, the perception of the cloud as a silver bullet for enabling business agility means technical teams are increasingly tasked with creative innovation and making digital a vehicle for delivering strategic value. However, the spectre of legacy casts a long shadow across these thoroughly modern aspirations.

The morning after the night before

One Chief Information Officer recently quoted this as “like trying to climb a mountain with a hangover”, scaling the heights of digital advantage with a serious tech headache, weighed down by the heavy, inflexible baggage of past priorities. The promise of cloud is alluring (armed with a credit card and a few spare hours, you can conjure up as many instances in Amazon Web Services as you like), but for many businesses, cloud’s potential sets unrealistic expectations that ignore the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Moving mountains

The new Chief Information Officer job description is transformative and does not include wondering whether the green lights are on or off. Speed to market is the priority, and Chief Information Officer’s are racing to capitalise on the opportunities offered by managed cloud services in a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

But simply approaching the challenge in the same way they always have (redeploying existing resources to manage new-world environments) is highly unlikely to be the hair of the dog.

Getting ahead of the game sustainably requires a change in approach for most non-Generation Z businesses. Organisations need to create the space to build an authentic and consistent culture of innovation, allowing them to compete with fresh, unencumbered new market entrants.

Shaking it off with specialists

Considered engagement of specialist, experienced cloud partners along the trail is a typical feature of new-world Chief Information Officer strategy. This naturally accelerates and de-risks change, removing legacy dependencies and roadblocks on the path to the top.

These partners act as trusted terrain guides, collaborating with organisations to deliver agility, security and ultimately, orienting the business towards its desired outcomes. Ongoing managed cloud services additionally enable Chief Information Officer’s and their teams to focus on the right priorities on a permanent basis: enhancing customer experience and developing internal talent. In short, specialist managed cloud service providers empower businesses to achieve complete benefit realisation, which in turn creates a competitive edge.